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Watch NOW: #5 SOARING!

Yep! The secret is out! If you want to go further, faster and longer than you ever thought possible in life, it isn't an Ivy League education that will do it for you…it is learning the secret ways of the butterfly! The fourth generation migrating monarch, unlike the first three generations that live only two-six weeks, lives up to nine months, can fly up to two miles high and over 200 miles per day- that's higher than eagle! How? They do not live life and soar in their OWN strength, but have learned to fly on the wings of the wind, the Ruach, or "breath of God". You too can learn how- WATCH HERE and master the skills of ways to PRAISE your way through life, casting your gaze upon Him, lifting your spirits and giving honor and glory to God. And when He gets BIGGER by magnifying Him with your praise, this earth and all of life's problems just get a whole lot smaller. Up! Up! Up ! You go! It is never too late to start! Order your book HERE, crack it open and watch out! Because…YOU WERE BORN TO SOAR!

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