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You had me at “deep slumber”.

This past week has been particularly stressful. So many details inside my head, afraid of dropping the ball or something slipping through the cracks--wondering if God’s “got this?” Ever feel like that?

Then I read Sunday’s first Scripture readings and I was stopped dead in my tracks. The passage was about King Saul and his army in hot pursuit of David, hunting him down in a jealous rage. We saw how King Saul was sleeping in his camp surrounded by his mighty warriors when David and his faithful sidekick slipped into the camp and stole King Saul’s spear and water jug that were resting right next to his head. David did this to prove to King Saul that God had delivered him into his hands and that he could have killed him, but he did not, as he was not wanting war, but peace.

The tiny detail that caught my eye was this:

All remained asleep, because the LORD had put them into a deep slumber.” 1 Sam. 26:12

What an amazing little detail! David stepped out in faith- not knowing that God would cause this “deep slumber” but knowing, “God’s got this! God has got my back!”

This one tiny detail gave me all I needed to keep my eyes on the prize and trustingly get through the last few days. Why? Because this I know: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8) and if He was watching out for David, He is also watching out for me. :)


Instead of the usual: “I'm giving up______” (place name of beloved food or drink item here), perhaps pray and see if God might be calling you to something new...fasting from the world for a few minutes each day and adding HIM via reading His Word into your schedule—at breakfast, lunch or dinner? Or try my book Born to Soar, Unleashing God’s Word in Your Life, and see how God is in the details of all of His creation, especially in the mind-boggling life cycle of the Monarch butterfly! It gives a daily scripture, words to inspire, insightful questions, space to journal and even free videos—all to help you on your Lenten journey.

If you are like me and in need of a good word to encourage you along the path of life --ask God for one before you open and read His word! Ask Him to surprise you with details of faith, hope and love...little “kisses from heaven” that speak directly to your heart and get you through your day. And then get ready to be amazed.’s not the devil who is in’s GOD!

“'Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.'" 1 Samuel 3:9

Dear Lord,

Thank you for being a God of details! And the One Who always has my back! Thank You for encouraging me with messages filled with faith, hope and love as I read your word, Your love letter to me. I ask for the grace to have a fruitful Lent, and that You would speak to me, each and every day, as I seek You out. I ask for the grace and the desire to long to know You more, to read Your word and spend time with You. This Lent—help me to be more like David, bold and trusting! And like Samuel who listened and obeyed. Lord, only You can place this desire and the ability to see it through inside of me. Jesus, I trust in You, because in my own strength...I will surely fail. So...“Speak Lord, Your servant is listening!”

I ask this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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