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It’s A GO! Come join me!


To know Him is to Love* Him: Want to REALLY get to know Him--up close and personal? Fall in love with Jesus and His people? Pray where He prayed? See what He saw? Touch what He touched? Walk where He walked? Come with me and follow IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS- HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE-MARCH 16-28, 2019 (with the Jordan/Petra extension March 28-31)-click for full color brochure and itinerary. This trip is unique in that it is designed specifically for WOMEN. (Sorry guys-maybe next year!) Yes- that means plenty of prayer, Scriptural teaching, meditations, shopping, chocolate, wine, great joy and laughter!


Come, and you will see why Israel is known as “a land flowing with milk and honey, a jewel among all lands” (Ez.20:6). You won’t believe your eyes when you see the abundance of beautiful and delicious food offered at every meal on this ALL INCLUSIVE LAND PORTION** trip! (Not to mention the special end of day “Happy Hour” each night.) Truly incredible, over the top hospitality!


The Early Bird Reward: The FIRST TEN to sign up get a $100 VISA GIFT CARD to spend on the trip to help support the Christian shopkeepers in the Holy Land (They need our help in Bethlehem!) It’s a WIN! WIN! What’s not to LOVE? Jesus, fellowship...and a reward that helps others!

Here is the Blog Reader’s Inside Scoop!

Total TLC Accompaniment: You will have five of us!

  1. We are blessed beyond words to go with one of Israel’s TOP Pilgrimage guides. He will take us to each and every Holy Sight explaining the Scriptures, archeology, history, geography and art like you have never heard before, making the Life of Christ come alive in your own life! You will never read the Scriptures the same way again!

  2. I (Melissa Overmyer) will lead meditations each day, insights from thirty+ years of Bible study and teach incorporating material from my upcoming new Bible study The Gospel of Jesus.

  3. Fr. Daniel Pajerski,LC will be our pilgrimage chaplain, leading daily Masses and traveling with us from the U.S.

  4. Fr. David Steffy,LC (who will be living in the Holy Land and will join us there) will concelebrate daily Mass at the Holy Sights, give meditations and share insights from his own Holy Land experiences alongside Fr. Daniel. They will be available for Spiritual Direction and Confession- both are all around great Priests- you will love them both!

  5. Cris Tallent, the Pilgrimage architect and escort, will be along to cater to your every need. She has done this trip six times and is so excited to share her vast wealth of experience, love and knowledge of the Holy Land and has planned for us a trip of a lifetime!

Safety: NO WORRIES! I have just returned from Israel and never once felt threatened or afraid. (We even walked late at night everywhere we stayed.) We did not experience a single concern--BE NOT AFRAID!

Accommodations: Woop! Woop! You will see why Cris Tallent is famous for her discriminating taste! Each place is beautiful and conveniently located--just where you will WANT TO BE! Fabulous Hotels, a spectacular former Monastery turned into the Pope’s Guest House in Jerusalem (The Notre Dame Center)- across from the Old City Wall with breathtaking views of the entire city, even GLAMPING under the STARS in the DESERT in Jordan with the Petra extension!

Transportation: Once we arrive--we will travel in a first class, air conditioned motor coach loaded with plenty of chocolate and an expert, experienced driver. In Jordan we will hop into jeeps to ride into the desert- and in Petra, your choice: camels, donkeys, horses or your own two feet! All taxes, transportation fees and tips included. Just sit back, pinching yourself that you are traveling IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS... pray, eat and love where you are and who you are with! Truly--the trip of a lifetime! (**The price DOES NOT include your airfare-- the travel agency will find the best fare at the best price- but plan on about $1300 added to the total ALL INCLUSIVE LAND PORTION trip price of $3,345 (+$1145 Petra extension).

Registration and more information: 301-365-0612


And remember- the first ten to register get a $100 VISA gift card!

Come with us and walk...IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS!

He said to them, ‘Come, and you will see.’ So they went and saw where he was staying, and they stayed with him that day.” John 1:39

Dear Lord,

I want to know, love and trust You more! If it be your will...let me go on this trip! If me right where I am-- right here, right now! And help me to humbly walk in your footsteps each and every day, no matter where I plant the soles of my feet. Thank You dear Lord. Jesus- I trust in You.

I ask this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

*To know Him is also to Trust Him. Want to know Him better without ever leaving home? Try this week’s TRUST CHALLENGE-- reading His word each day and taking the daily challenge! You will never regret one step you take towards knowing Him better and trusting Him more--I promise!


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