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WE the Church

My new favorite phrase: “WE the Church” !+ If this is true, that you and I are the “WE”--then I am deeply hopeful about the state of the Church. As I speak to different groups I realize that there are a whole lot of “WE” out there that are still showing up, standing up, and speaking up about the love and power of God in our lives in spite of troublesome times. There are even people still joining the Church! Hallelujah! (Pictured above is my very own daughter Emma who had a "conditional baptism"* in the Catholic Church this week and is well on her way! Pray for all of those who are in RCIA and desire full Communion in the Church.)

But how do WE fix the present mess WE seem to find ourselves in?

I don’t know— it will only happen by the grace of God and our participation in the process--

pray, write letters, pray some more and ask that the Hand of God move on our behalf.

But this I do know: I’m not going to let what is WRONG in the Church keep me from what is RIGHT with the Church.

And for me, the Eucharist is what is RIGHT with the Church!

And... Confession, Adoration, coming together as One to receive the Body of Christ and to be the Body of Christ, the Liturgy of The Word, worshipping in song, and the spectacular beauty and blessing of the prayers and devotions that bring me so close to the heartbeat of God.

This for me is what is RIGHT with the Church.

And these things I can only experience by GOING TO CHURCH--and by BEING THE CHURCH!

Won’t you commit to joining me-- commit to encouraging others to be “WE the Church”-- come what may?

And commit to sharing…”A little Good News”...check my FB page. We will post an encouraging Bible Verse and something “Good” that has happened lately--and we ask that you post Good things too! WE could all benefit from “A little Good News” post, like and share!

WE the Church need to BE the Church!

For as in one body WE have many parts, and all the parts do not have the same function, so WE, though many, are one body in Christ and individually parts of one another.”

Romans 12:4-5 (capitalization added for emphasis)

Dear Lord,

Thank You for all of my sisters and brothers in Christ, for WE the Church. I pray that Your loving hand will sustain and guide us as we faithfully try to love and serve You more and more each day. Keep us always, with our eyes on You, fortified by Your grace. For without Your help, WE can do nothing.

WE ask this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

*Due to a lack of properly signed baptismal records, in order to proceed with RCIA, the priest made the decision to baptize her in the Catholic Church, much to our delight and surprise!


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