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The number one rule of prayer: show up.

When you show up for prayer--you should feel the best you possibly can feel this side of heaven.


Because we were made for the praise of God’s glory! We were made to pray.

“Our soul is restless until it rests in you.” St. Augustine states. This rest means “serves, communes, finds oneness” with God, something not found in this world. Prayer is comm(union) with God.

Want to learn a secret? The Gospel of Matthew contains a beautiful surprise.

Often times in the Bible the scripture writers used something called a “chiastic structure.” This was a clever way of writing something so that the main point, the heart of the message, was found in the dead center of the passage or story. The verses were written like an X ( the letter “chi” in Greek) with an A B C B1 A1 set up. Can you guess what is found in the center of the section on Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5-7...? What the heart of His message was?

The Lord’s Prayer.

The Lord’s prayer is the perfect prayer. Jesus taught it to His disciples when they begged Him to teach them how to pray.

Here are 5 Rs that can help us to unlock this beautiful prayer as taught in THE SOURCE with Monsignor Pope. CONNECTION: prayer made easy.

Relate: “Our Father in heaven,”--He is our heavenly Father Who knows and loves us most.

Rejoice: “hallowed be Your Name,” --We praise You! We love You! You are Holy and “Other!”

Receive: “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Lord, please tell me Your will so that I can walk it out here on earth. I want to help to build Your Kingdom.

Request: “Give us today our daily bread;” Lord, You know my needs, I look to You to provide. Here are the requests that are most pressing on my mind and heart today…

Repent: “and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors;” I am sorry for what I have done. Thank You for forgiving me, help me to extend that same mercy and grace to others.

“And do not subject us to the final test, but deliver us from the evil one.” HELP! I need to be delivered from thinking I can handle it all on my own--only by Your grace. Come to my rescue I pray! AMEN! And so be it!

Want to learn more about PRAYER? Simply click HERE to watch this week’s THE SOURCE video called CONNECTION: prayer made easy and this week's "street-cred faith story".


Why not watch with a friend or two and then discuss these great conversation starters...


CONNECTION: prayer made easy. (Thesis: Prayer along with Scripture study, worship and the Holy Spirit-connect us to God the Father, He is our SOURCE of JOY.)

  1. What one thought most stood out or impressed you as you watched this video? Discuss.

  2. What is Msgr. Pope’s one rule for prayer? (Show up) What obstacles do you experience when you try to pray?

  3. Msgr. Pope describes prayer as “paying attention to God.” Share an experience you’ve had paying attention to God in your daily life or in prayer.

  4. If what Msgr. Pope said is true, that connecting to God through His word, in the Sacraments and in prayer are the source of JOY, how could this affect your daily routine this week?

  5. Close this session in prayer. Each person say ONE THING for which they are thankful for today. And this week--try the ACTS prayer at home: Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving and Supplication.


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