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breakfast of champions! 9 & 10

I LOVE BREAKFAST! Anytime--day or night. There is something almost decadent about sitting down and sharing breakfast with a friend, unrushed, no agenda, just enjoying the moment.

In both stations 9 and 10 of the Via Lucis* it speaks of breakfast and Jesus Himself invites us to join Him:“'Come, have breakfast.'” John 21:12

Why? Because He loves spending that first moment of the day in leisurely pleasure with us having conversation, sitting and enjoying one another’s company.

He then goes on to ask: “‘do you love Me more than these?’”... John 21:15

“These” can be defined in so many ways-- our plans, our desires, our need for control, even something “good” but not the “Best”--HIM. Really, anything that puts a roadblock between us and Him in anyway. If we will sit with Him, look into His eyes, feel and experience His deep love for us, our answer, like that of Peter’s, will come so much more easily: “‘Lord, You know everything, You know that I love You.’”

The invitation is still open. Jesus, like all of my favorite diners, serves breakfast--24/7. Won’t you join Him?**


The Risen Lord Eats with the Disciples on the Shore of Tiberias

All: We adore You, O Christ and we praise You! Because by the Wood of the Cross and the Light of the Resurrection, You have redeemed the world!

Reading:"Jesus said to them, 'Bring some of the fish you just caught.' So Simon Peter went over and dragged the net ashore full of one hundred fifty-three large fish. Even though there were so many, the net was not torn. Jesus said to them, 'Come, have breakfast.' And none of His disciples dared to ask Him, 'Who are You?' because they realized it was the Lord" (John 21: 10-12).

Reflection: After the crucifixion, the apostles returned to their former way of life. Out on the familiar Sea of Galilee, these expert fishers find themselves ineffective and baffled because not even a single fish was caught. From the shore, the Risen Lord guides them and directs their nets until they are filled to overflowing. As He prepares breakfast for them, He nourishes their hearts and promises them that they can also be fed by making disciples in His name. He calls them to an entirely new way of fishing—fishing for people.

Prayer: Father in heaven, author of all truth, a people once in darkness has listened to Your Word and followed Your Son as He rose from the tomb. Hear the prayer of this newborn people and strengthen Your Church to answer Your call. May we rise and come forth into the light of day to stand in Your presence until eternity dawns. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

All: Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia. On Sunday morn at break of day/ The sad disciples went their way, To see the tomb where Jesus lay. Alleluia.


The Risen Lord Forgives Peter and Entrusts Him to Feed His Sheep

All: We adore You, O Christ and we praise You! Because by the Wood of the Cross and the Light of the Resurrection, You have redeemed the world!

Reading: "When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, 'Simon, son of John, do you love Me more than these?'... Peter was distressed that Jesus had said to him a third time, 'Do you love Me?' and he said to Him, 'Lord, You know everything, You know that I love You.' Jesus said to him, 'Feed my sheep.... Follow Me' " (John 21: 15, 17b, 19b).

Reflection: The Risen Lord directs His attention to Peter whose embarrassing three-fold denial was still ringing in his heart. The questions posed by Jesus help Peter to find reconciliation and to embrace his new mission to tend and feed the sheep. Their encounter reminds us that forgiveness is always available, even for the most serious of mistakes we can make. This warm embrace of forgiveness strengthens our resolve to be reconcilers and healers in the Spirit of Jesus. Only love can overcome guilt and deception. Only love and forgiveness can make us whole.

Prayer: Father, fill our hearts with the fire of Your love and the desire to ensure justice for our brothers and sisters. By sharing the good things You give us, may we secure justice and equality for every human being, an end to all division, and a human society built on love and peace. Grant this through Christ our Lord.

All: Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia. An angel clad in white they see, Who sat and spoke unto the three, Your Lord has gone to Galilee, Alleluia!

*Want more information on these? See this:

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