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Happy Birthday to us! As of next Monday, October 12, Something Greater will be ONE YEAR OLD! Who would have dreamed how far we could have come in only one year?

On a recent trip to Colorado I was reminded that with each step we take up a mountain, greater and more spectacular views are afforded to us. We cannot imagine all that awaits us at the top of the mountain when we are down in the valley. But if we are willing to take the first step and are diligent in climbing, the payoff is great! At the top, we see all the way to the horizon, more than we could ever have dreamed of from our very limited view at the bottom.

The same is true when we step out in faith. With each new act of faith we make, more and more grace is given. It is as if grace builds upon grace exponentially. But everything starts with the first step. Doors open that one could not imagine once the first threshold has been passed.

As Pope Francis stated was the motto of our newest saint, Junipero Serra, “Always go forward, never turn back.” It is God who takes us forward to reach new heights, for His Glory, not ours. Anything each of us has is because God has allowed it.

Thank you for the first wonderful year of traveling this journey together. May God be praised and may we encourage one another as we climb together the mountain of His holy hill to reach ever upwards, ever forwards, never turning back.

And that said, I would like to thank my team of Maribeth Harper and Fr. John Pietropaoli for their countless hours of reading, editing and praying to make this happen. And to the Something Greater Board for all of their support and encouragement! Thanks team! You ROCK!

Here is, to God’s glory what we have done this past year:

-We produced a spring retreat called Something Greater, and composed a Prayer Journal. You can order it HERE.

-We have written and produced a book: Metamorphosis of a Soul-One Woman’s Testimony

(read it HERE online or order it HERE as a book to give to a “Catholic Curious” friend :)

-We have written 70 blog postings! (Please share with friends on FACE BOOK any that have touched your life and read any you may have missed- this is how we will grow!)

-We are now a regular contributer to


-We have organized, funded and produced Light the City Georgetown (Open church candlelight tour of 13 churches in Georgetown.)

-We have organized and sponsored several Community Outreach Dinners for couples, inviting priests to come and speak about marriage and family. (Want to do this in your community? Give a dinner party with God as your Special Guest? Email me at for ideas on how to get it started.)

-We have had countless speaking engagements across the region.

-We presently have in the works a Prayer, Meditation and Scripture Study Series that will challenge, fascinate and encourage you. Stay tuned!

God is good! Praises be to Him! God bless you and thank you!

“...The eye has not seen, and the ear has not heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, what things God has prepared for those who love Him. “ 1 Corinthians 2:9

Dear Lord,

Thank You that You are more excited for us than we are for ourselves! Thank You that we can never come to the end of the newness of You or the great things that You want to do in and through each of us. May we have the grace to step out in boldness and courageously do what You are asking of us. But first, may we take the time to be thoroughly equipped through times of prayer, so that we can handle the task at hand. Lord, make us grow to be more like You with every step we take up the mountain, and as we are being transformed give us a vision of something bigger, Something Greater, something we could never have imagined doing by ourselves, only by Your grace Lord, only by You.

We ask all of this in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.



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