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gone fishin'

Papal Visit Countdown- 3 weeks to go!

Please click HERE and join us for LIGHT the CITY: GEORGETOWN SEPTEMBER 12!

God knows we all need a break! One of my favorite Psalms is this: “It is vain for you to rise early and put off your rest at night, To eat bread earned by hard toil—all this God gives to his beloved in sleep.”

Everyone needs time to relax and recharge -- a time to make some life-long, happy family memories. I’m off "fishin’" with my family now, which really means laying by the pool, playing games with my kids, reading great books and picnicking stream-side with my hubby or star-gazing wrapped up in warm blankets!

Take your own little mini-break and click HERE and read Chapter 10, The God Who Sees in Metamorphosis of a Soul and get your own warm fuzzy feeling all over at what a tender and sweet God we serve. Everytime I walk into my Church, I am still amazed over this one!

Praises be to God! No matter where we go, He never stops thinking of us or caring for us.

“To the LORD who spoke to her she gave a name, saying, ‘You are God who sees me’...”

Genesis 16:13

Dear Lord,

Thank You that You are a God Who sees and remembers! Help me to be as tender, kind, loving and watchful for the ones You have placed in my care as You are for me. Please give me Your heart of love for everyone I am with. And thank You for times of rest. May even this bring You much glory and praise!

I ask this in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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