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hanging by a thread

As I looked out of my kitchen window I saw it hanging limp, empty. It was draped across a wooden hanger attached to the zip line to dry. It was quite eerie seeing this skin, this human-like shell being tossed by the wind. And it was so precariously hung, looking like at any minute it would take flight with the next big gust and sail off into eternity. This one thin question mark of a hook is all that kept this body intact.

I could not take my eyes off of it for quite some time. I was mesmerized. All I could think about was my daughter who, earlier that week, had been so much like this wetsuit that had so startled and captured my attention.

She had been surfing when her neck was broken and she described being tumbled and tumbled by the waves. Her neck--so beautifully graceful, long and thin was curled into a position that no human should have to endure and then she went limp.

After some time she was able to struggled to the surface, only to have the forces of nature crash upon her tender aching head once again. She said she knew that this time she was truly finished.

She cannot explain how she was able to make it back up to the surface or find her board or paddle the long excruciating distance back to shore with all of the chaos that had just taken place. All she knew is that, by God's grace, she did.

She is much better today. Terrible blinding headaches are still a part of her daily reality, but so is thanksgiving.

We have life and breath because HE wills it. There is no other reason than that. Praise be to God who numbers the hairs on our head and writes the number of the days of our lives in His Lamb's book of life. All praises glory and honor be to Him.

"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;

through rivers, you shall not be swept away." Isaiah 43:2

Dear Lord,

Thank You that I have life and breath because You will it. May I use each and every one of my days to somehow love You more and bring others into the knowledge and love of You. Please give me the grace to never waste my time but to be mindful that each moment is a gift from You. May all of my life be lived as an eternal thank You and in praise of all that You have done for me.

I ask this in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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