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Practice makes perfect! And that is what we are called to be (Mt. 5:48)…only it may not be what you think. WATCH HERE and SEE! That word "perfect" really means "mature", "complete", "reaching the end stage of development"—you know, becoming what we were born to be! Once we emerge from our "cocoon of prayer" we head out into the world where we must exercise what we know to be true and that takes practice! We must learn to strengthen our "virtue" muscles and be EMPOWERED if we want to be strong enough to do what the millennials call, "adulting"! God's grace+ our commitment to do our best (even in times of great difficulty) = THOSE WHO were BORN TO SOAR! (It is NEVER TOO LATE TO START! Order book HERE and perhaps RE-THINK what it means to practice VIRTUE in your EVERYDAY LIFE. )

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