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Did you know there are REALLLLY good SCIENTIFIC, DATA DRIVEN reasons for you and your family to go to Church every Sunday--beyond what you might think?

Here are just a few from the Take me to Worship, Religion Matters data bank:

Better grades: Kids who spend one hour a week at worship are more likely to get As and less likely to get Ds and Fs.

Lower risk of suicide: One hour a week of worship equates to a better self image and lessens suicidal thoughts.

Better self worth: Kids who spend one hour a week at worship are more likely to have a better view of themselves.

Higher rate of success: Kids who spend one hour a week at worship are more likely to become successful in all aspects of life.

Better Family Communication: Youth who respond that they participate in religion 1+ hours per week show significantly higher rates of positive family communication.

Violent Precursors: Students who participate in organized religion 1 or more hours per week are significantly less likely to have personal attitudes that would lead to problem behaviors such as violence and delinquency.

The most significant influence to participate or not participate in a youth’s life is Mom, followed by siblings, and then Dad. If Mom attends or does not attend, youth attendance will likely follow suit.

“Most youth who do not participate weekly were also from immediate families who do not participate weekly. However, they were likely to know neighbors or have grandparents who do actively participate in religion. That could mean that for many youth who are not participating, a neighbor or grandparent may be the window of opportunity to connect them.”

Surprise! They Like Going to Worship!

  • 73% of those who participate in organized religion do so because they want to

  • 27% said they are made to go BUT 19% of those said they like it enough to bring a friend.

The Impact JUST ONE HOUR can make is HUGE on individuals and our society.

“Religion matters in the life of my kids because it’s one of the most positive things they experience all week long. In worship, my kids have been poured into, encouraged and challenged to believe that the world is bigger than their immediate surroundings. It’s reinforced the lessons and boundaries we’ve taught them at home while also providing them with a community of friends they can flourish with.” Paul M.

So...Get to Church! And invite your friends! And invite your kid’s friends and your grandkids! YOU can make an impact on the world by your participation in the worshipping of God, learning about His deep love for you and encouraging others to go to Church as well. Make it fun--go out to brunch afterwards or invite friends and have a "family-style pot luck dinner".


“I rejoiced when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the LORD.’” Psalm 122:1

Dear Lord,

Help me! I want to get to Church, but sometimes it feels like it’s me against the world! Help me to have fortitude and resolve to know that the benefits of being with others in corporate worship and receiving YOU there far outweigh the struggles it often takes to get my self (and my family!) there! Please Lord, help me to make this ONE HOUR a priority in my life-- a NON-NEGOTIABLE in our family life. Help me to have a sense of humor, and see that the struggle is really against the enemy of our souls and not my kids! (LOL!) and that YOU are worth what can seem “the battle” to get us there. Feed me Lord, with Your very self...and give us each an undying love for You and the things of You in our life.

I ask this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Want to learn more about WHY THE CHURCH? Simply click HERE to watch this week’s THE SOURCE video called LOVE: food for the soul. Hear Fr. Chris Seith speak on the need for the Church in our lives.


Why not watch with a friend or two and then discuss these great conversation starters...

WEEK 5: LOVE: food for the soul (Thesis: The Church, the Body of Christ, is needed because through it the Sacraments are obtained and the community of believers encourage and strengthen one another on the spiritual journey. The Church is the SOURCE of LOVE needed by the world.)

1. What one thought stood out or most impressed you as you watched this video? Discuss.

2. Fr. Chris shared an experience about running a race and being encouraged by a group of Marines in order to finish strong. Tell about an experience of encouragement you may have had in the Church to help you along your race.

3. The Church states that the Lord showers us with grace through the Sacraments. How might the world, the church, your parish, your family or you be transformed by a deepened understanding, appreciation and embracement of the Sacraments?

4. Discuss Fr. Chris’ idea that states: when we make God’s love visible in concrete actions, we become the “sacraments” (means of God’s grace coming to earth) to others. How can we do this?

5. If what Fr. Chris claims is true, that the Church is the Body of Christ and the source of LOVE, how could this affect your daily life?


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